Cold Mark celle frigorifere

Reliability and excellence "MADE IN ITALY"

Cold Mark was created in 2003 as a branch of Everlasting s.r.l. group and is specialized in the production of modular cold rooms. The product selection includes various types and models of cold rooms, produced with high-quality materials, easy and quick to install and compliant with environment and hygiene regulations.

Hyper Box and Mini Box cold rooms are suitable for different fields and commercial activities, as they meet any requirement of professional refrigeration.

Application fields: restaurants, hotels, ice-cream parlours and confectionery shops, supermarkets, fruit-and-vegetable storehouses, dairy industry, seasoning storehouses, slaughterhouses, canteens, hospitals, chemistry and pharmaceutical labs, etc.

“We directly follow all stages of the production process”

from sheet metal processing to finished cold room assembly

Quality 100% Made In Italy

3 Models for any need

Hyper Box

Modular cold rooms with which to create customized solution to optimize even the most limited spaces.

Mini Box

A range of small- and medium-sized cold rooms that are easy and quick to install. Many solutions to satisfy various needs.

Maxi Cab

Modular refrigerated cabinets, quick installation by eccentric hooks

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