Cold Mark celle frigorifere

Commitment, passion and experience

For over 60 years passion and commitment have driven Everlasting towards increasingly innovating solutions to satisfy and anticipate market needs. Our challenge is to offer products which are every day more reliable, functional and efficient.

Cold Mark is a factory specialized in the production of modular cold rooms in various types and models, with high-quality materials, easy and quick to install and compliant with environment and hygiene regulations.

The various types of cold rooms are suitable to the specific needs of the different markets and fields (restaurants, workshops, hotels, storehouses for foodstuff, slaughterhouses, hospitals, chemistry and pharmaceutical labs). Every model is available in different dimensions, height, thickness, finish and accessories, so as to satisfy any need in terms of space and usage.

“A family history since 1956”

Since 1956 we have designed and produced appliances for professional refrigeration to provide our customers with entirely made in Italy, innovative and high-quality solutions.
We believe that memorable taste experiences start from a proper preservation of excellent ingredients.

Everlasting delivers cold chain solutions that allow professional chefs to store their precious ingredients and dishes into the fridge and be completely confident in the result.

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