Cold Mark celle frigorifere

Cold rooms Hyper Box

- MODULARITY to optimize space
- DESIGN elegant and refined
- QUALITY of employed materials
- INSTALLATION easy and quick
- COMPLIANCE with hygienic and environmental stan

Technical features

- Produced in 4 thicknesses, 7, 10, 12 and 15 cm
- Available in 6 internal Standard heights from 202 to 382 cm
- Possibility of creating internal compartments either with fixed hooked partitions or non-modular partitions with PVC profiles
- Internal/external covering in white plastic-coated galvanized sheet
- Internal rounded corners
- Insulation by environment-friendly polyurethane with density 40 - 42 Kg/m3
- Floor in grey antislip plastic-coated galvanized sheet with wood reinforcement
- Standard door with net passage 80x190 h and key lock
- Hinged doors with net passage 70x190 h, 90x190 h and 100x200 h on demand
- Hinged doors with frame or sliding on demand
- Stainless steel covering on demand
- Monoblock, split or remote refrigerating units (on demand)

Self supportance for ceiling panels

From planning to realization


Management of complex and structured layouts thanks to our 20 cm panel modularity.
Possibility of producing special panels to create totally custom-made cold rooms.
Our totally “hooked” panels avoid tiresome and challenging modifications on the installation site

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